What Is Web Development

A web developer or a web designer who is a software engineer has some expertise in, the improvement of World Wide Web (www) applications utilizing a customer server model.

For front end design web developers normally use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and JQuery applications for website making. Generally, it’s call coding.

Web developers normally use PHP, ASP.NET (C#) or Java in the server and HTTP for correspondences among customer and server for back end programming.

Now a days there is also some Content Management System (CMS) to build a website by drag and drop. Some of them are October, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, TYPO3, SilverStripe and many more. Among them wordpress is most popular CMS to build a website very fast. 

Why Take Web Development As your Career

There are more than 1.50 billion websites online with 1.5 thousand of websites added on the internet every day. A web developer actually makes it happen.

The internet is a very big platform to work on. Really very big. Nowadays you can’t do anything without a specific technology skill. If you are thinking of any technical skill, web development will be a great choice. There are lots of tasks to do as a web developer. And you can also make money by making a website. Normally you will get more than $250 dollars for a single website. 

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